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Keep Fit the Easiest Way – Tips to Using an Exercise Foam Roller Effectively Foam rollers are among the simplest, cheapest and versatile workout equipment that can make part of your home gym for a number of reasons. It is the perfect tool to use before and after an exercise for warming up as well as cool down sessions. Among the many advantages that come with using the foam, roller its inexpensive nature stands out and a few others that would have otherwise are impossible to attain. Anyone wishing to have a deep tissue massage without having to pay thousands for it should consider using the foam roller. What you need to do is slowly roll over various parts of your body to break adhesions and scar tissues, which promote healing after exercising. You can use the roller to loosen up areas of regular tightness such as outer thighs, upper back areas and quadriceps. Foam rollers are a natural response for pressure and are used to relax muscles with every roll over tight or trigger points. It may be necessary to apply more pressure on these tight spots for a better effect rather than using the normal back and forth movement. You need to lift your hips off the floor and use your body weight to apply pressure on areas if your intention is to work on your upper back.
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One thing that is common when exercising is that routines such as pushups and planks become very difficult when performed on an unstable surface. Using a foam roller can help enhance these exercise routines as it offers more stability because of the comfort attained by resting your hands on the form which gives you maximum comfort as well as pushes your body to work harder due to its increased stability. Using the foam roller is therefore the best way to increase your capacity while remaining safe.
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A foam roller may be the answer you need to take your abs to the next level. Your core will be on extra active working in a bid to balance both body and unstable surfaces. It is easy to achieve this by using the marching crunches that require you to lie flat on the roller, knees bent and feet flat on the floor where you will then lift your right leg slightly and repeat the same for the other leg. For stretches, the foam roller can enhance these routines. It works by increasing the range motion in a stretch and propping it for the feet and arms. Furthermore, the roller offers extra support for hip flexor stretches and lunges.